Lux Proba – we are developing a partnership.

“We build partnerships” – this is how we approach business for more than 25 years.

LUX PROBA is a company based in Moldova, providing distribution and logistics services since 1997. Since its inception, the company has been built on the idea of ​​mutually beneficial partnership. The idea that a well-built business model benefits everyone is at the heart of Lux Proba’s philosophy.

Mutually beneficial cooperation – this is how we see business.

Lux Proba sees partners not only in those with whom it does business. Lux Proba employees, their families, and the entire civil society of Moldova are partners of the holding. As a company based in the Republic of Moldova, Lux Proba strives to improve and transform life in the country.

Partnership is the success of both parties.

The role of companies based in Moldova cannot be overestimated. The activities of the Lux Proba company provide access for the citizens of Moldova to world-famous brands. Brands such as Ahmad Tea, Morshinska, Red Bull, and several hundred other brands, get on the shelves of supermarkets thanks to our specialists.


Lux Proba is dedicated to achieving the best results.

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