History of our partners: Ahmad Tea

Lux Proba is a holding company with a large wholesale network, which covers the whole country and sells goods and products on favorable conditions for the consumer. The company is equipped with modern transportation fleet, which allows not only to make fast shipments, but also to cooperate with reliable partners, such as the company Ahmad Tea Ltd.

Family company Ahmad Tea Ltd was founded in 1986 in Britain. Its headquarters and one of the tea production facilities, based on a long family tradition is located in the county of Hampshire in Southampton. The hard work of the entire team is focused on staying true to their beliefs and achieving common goals.

Ahmad Tea Ltd works only with the best tea gardens around the world and treats its suppliers as part of its family. Each blend is checked seven times, from the time the tea leaves are harvested to the time they go on sale. The process is overseen by Ahmad Tea Ltd Chairman Rahim Afshar himself and an experienced team of the world’s leading tea artisans. Creating a blend is based on selecting the best varieties of tea at the right time of year and blending them competently. This is done to ensure that the drink has its own special noble taste and aroma, as well as to ensure that the strict standards of Ahmad Tea Ltd. are never compromised. No type of tea leaves the tasting room until it is absolutely certain that a brewed cup of such a beverage can enchant with its perfection.

Today, Ahmad Tea offers more than 30 million cups of tea a day in more than 80 countries on six continents. From the world’s most influential urban centers to the tiniest remote villages, everyone can enjoy a cup of perfectly brewed Ahmad tea.

Lux Proba appreciates the cooperation with Ahmad Tea Ltd. and does everything possible to ensure that everyone in our country can appreciate the incredible taste and aroma of Ahmad Tea.

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