Growth and development with Lux Proba.

Lux Proba is a leading distributor in the consumer goods and food industry. The company was founded in 2002 and is part of the Acvilin holding, which also includes Acvilin Grup and ZManagement. Together, these businesses create a strong bridge between business and consumer. For more than two decades, they have provided Moldovan residents with access to world-famous brands and locally produced goods.

Our team.

Professionals are one of the holding’s most valuable assets. Over the years, we have managed to form a team of professionals. We have over 400 employees. Professional ethics are above all for us. We encourage independence and initiative, which leads to the responsibility of employees for the entire process.

Promotion within the company.

Career growth is possible when there is personal growth. The desire to develop is a quality that allows you to achieve better results. We like it when employees take the initiative based on an objective assessment of their capabilities and offer themselves a vacant position. Colleagues can also name the best candidate for the vacant position. This allows you to create a fruitful and trusting microclimate in the team.

Training and self-development.

Self-development and staff development is perceived by us as the most important factor in the growth of the company’s success. We welcome training initiatives. To this end, we are ready to offer financial support in the purchase of training and educational materials for employees who have a clear training goal and understand what kind of training will allow them to do their work better and more efficiently.

Reasonable motives for dismissal.

We strive to ensure that employees work with us for a long time. We are against staff turnover. If someone from the team decides to quit, we conduct a final interview with him, do an analysis, trying to identify the true reason for the dismissal in order to prevent the recurrence of such cases in the future.

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